GUPPY PRO - Ultra-compact 1394b camera

Allied Vision Technologies, one of the leading providers of cameras and components in the industrial image processing market, has been a valued partner of internationally active companies for years. Highly qualified development and application engineers as well as qualified optoelectronic experts have a unique know-how when it comes to a client’s individual solutions and applications. Once you have decided on the benefits of digital image processing, you will not do better than the FireWire cameras by Allied Vision Technologies.

The Guppy PRO is the derivate of the successful Guppy family. Thanks to the extremely compact, robust metal housing, Guppy PRO cameras can easily be integrated into your system. The Guppy PRO family has an excellent price/performance ratio.


  •  IEEE 1394b
  •  Several models, VGA to 5 Megapixels
  •  Sony CCD sensors, Aptina CMOS sensor
  •  Optocoupled 12-pin I/Os
  •  Ultra-compact housing

Image preprocessing features:

  •  AOI (separate AOI for auto features)
  •  Programmable LUT, gamma
  •  Debayering, color correction
  •  Gain
  •  Exposure
  •  Binning (b/w)
  •  Sub-Sampling (b/w)
  •  Defect pixel correction (only Guppy PRO F-503)
  •  Image mirror (only Guppy PRO F-503)

Available models:

  •  GUPPY PRO F-031B/C, 656x492, 123 fps, 1/4" CCD
  •  GUPPY PRO F-032B/C, 656x492, 82 fps, 1/3" CCD
  •  GUPPY PRO F-033B/C, 656x492, 85 fps, 1/2" CCD
  •  GUPPY PRO F-046B/C, 780x580, 62 fps, 1/2" CCD
  •  GUPPY PRO F-095C, 1280x720, 38 fps, 1/3" CCD
  •  GUPPY PRO F-125B/C, 1296x966, 30 fps, 1/3" CCD
  •  GUPPY PRO F-146B/C, 1388x1038, 17 fps, 1/2" CCD
  •  GUPPY PRO F-201B/C, 1624x1234, 14 fps, 1/1.8" CCD
  •  GUPPY PRO F-503B/C & GUPPY PRO F-503B/C, 2592x1944, 13 fps, 1/2.5" CMOS